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The Eagle: I wanted very badly to go to the NYC viewing arranged by[livejournal.com profile] pun this past weekend. However, this was not feasible, so I went and saw it by myself last night. This review is an excellent example of what happens when non-fangirls are confronted with slashiness as blatant as that in The Eagle, and the reviewer complains that, "It’s a bromosexualized romance without the deep dicking the two characters so richly deserve." I guess that's kind of my complaint, too. Considering how obvious it is that Marcus and Esca are a married couple of long standing, we should have been given at least one on-screen kiss.

TV party: Thanks to Netflix Instant, I have been watching sooooo much TV. The Mr. and I watched all of 30 Rock, then Lost, and I've watched all of Party Down and Parks and Recreation. I was delighted to find that Adam Scott from Party Down showed up in P&R (and apparently continues his role into the third season). I get the impression everyone in the world already watches 30 Rock and so I needn't bother to suggest it, but I would recommend both PD and P&R to anyone who likes funny.

While I was ultimately disappointed in Lost, I'm not unhappy that I watched it. I actually watched most of S1 as it originally aired, missed the beginning of S2 and tried to catch up with torrents, and was ultimately not interested enough to continue watching the original run. As one might guess, the only reason I was even interested in attempting to watch the entire series now was because it was available via instant play - if I'd had to wait for disks to come in the mail, I likely wouldn't have bothered. Had I stuck it out and watched all six seasons as they aired, I am sure I'd have felt entitled to a more satisfactory ending to the series than was offered - or, really, was possible. I'm trying to avoid spoiling BFF, as she still plans on watching the series. Best thing will probably be to save my Lost comments and complaints for a separate post entirely.

Brothers of the Head is on Netflix Instant and it's a genuinely good movie. Fannish incentives abound, though: Hot twins (Luke and Harry Treadaway) play hot conjoined twins in a pre/proto-punk band, it's twincesty, and there's boy kissing. Also, the soundtrack is AWESOME. C'mon, somebody watch this so we can squee about it together! Or, you know, if you're a normal person, we could discuss it. Whatever.

Mardi Gras: We're scheduled to be in New Orleans for a week, but I'm currently of the opinion that I don't want to go after all. Plane tickets are going to be inexplicably expensive, it costs a ton to board all the pets, and I'm not that big a fan of parades. Plus, everyone we know is wearing costumes and we don't have any prepared. I am not looking forward to being the asshole who wouldn't dress up. Still, I have always had a great time in NOLA, and it will be Mardi Gras, after all... So, I should just shut up and try to enjoy myself, yes? 

The King of Limbs: Radiohead has a new album and I have made my giddy preorder. I know that I'm out of the loop, but somehow I still feel surprised I had no idea this was coming.
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