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tripping: Tomorrow we leave for New Orleans. Today I am rolling up all of my clothes into floppy bindles and shoving them in a suitcase. Do I need to take four pairs of shoes? Maybe I need five.

The birds were taken to the bird sitter today, and the dogs go to dog camp tomorrow morning. They can tell something is up, which means that Jones is sticking to me like glue and Lula is keeping her distance. I should have bathed both of them earlier this week because they stink and the dog camp people always comment on Jones' relative lack of grooming - but I didn't do it, and obviously it's not getting done, so fuck it.

I drank my usual double americano at about 11 AM today and I'm still high (spacey yet alert) now at 6:15 PM. Recently, I have had a lot of trouble falling asleep (especially now that I've run out of Ativan), a brain that buzzes like a hive in the wee hours, as well as this not-unpleasant hyper-reaction to caffeine. I think the manic part of manic-depressive may be asserting itself. Not bad timing, really.

tumbling: I just signed up for tumblr a few days ago and I'm looking for recommendations for art/oddity tumblrs that I could follow, or really just recs of any sort. So far, I'm just using mine to get more pictures of Andrej Pejic and to post a very small amount of randomness. I actually signed up thinking I wanted to post a bunch of old art projects, but, when viewed with a critical eye, I'm not so sure that sharing them is in anyone's best interests after all. I never use Facebook and I haven't posted a banal haiku to twitter in months, but tumblr is different enough that it seems like it might even be useful.
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