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I was of the opinion that I was a not-stupid person, but then I tried to figure out how to configure Wordpress running inside Joomla and I died a little inside.

Faced with all the 'so easy!' propaganda on the sites for both programs, I would beg to differ unless 1) one is the programmer of said CMS-bloggity software, and thus is the source of the illogic therein, or 2) one is comparing the use of WP and/or Joomla to scratching cuneiform on clay tablets with pointy sticks and subsequently attempting to upload it to the internets for mass perusal. Given any other scenario, neither Joomla nor Wordpress is remotely intuitive.

After much brute trial and error, everything is working, and it's working perfectly fine, except for the part where it's ugly, and there seem to be no controls that alter the aspects of the presentation that I so desperately need altered. And I know these things can be changed, because they're changed on every Wordpress site I've ever seen, and I'm sure some of the folks who implemented those sites are people I would have previously looked down upon as being mental midgets as compared to myself, except now I know better. The truth is, I am too stupid to figure out the Wordpress equivalent of a cut tag. God, I hate admitting that.

The theme I made for Joomla is, however, very pretty, and exactly what I wanted. Supposedly, making themes/templates actually is hard, although I had no difficulties whatsoever. Perhaps it's because I was working directly with the code, which is more or less understandable and tweakable, rather than with coding results, which are shaped and driven by the whims of strangers and typically only vaguely approximate goals of my own.

...and something just occurred to me that maybe will work. Though why the documentation wouldn't mention it is beyond me. Maybe because it's 'so easy!' that it should have been obvious to any mouth-breather with mad server-side skillz.

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