Nov. 17th, 2011

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dress code vagaries: The Mr.'s company is having a non-denominational holiday party in about three weeks and I have nothing to wear. The dress code requests that gentlemen wear jackets, but cocktail dresses on ladies have been deemed "too dressy." The party is taking place from 6:30 to 8:30 PM (a very narrow slot IMO), which seems quite cocktail-dress-appropriate to me, but what do I know? I'm having trouble picturing what a lady wears when the man is required to wear a jacket yet she's not supposed to be "too dressy." Sparkly top and...jeans with heels? Sparkly top and...random skirt? Anyone have any ideas? Because I think it ought to be holiday-ish, I'm going to have to get something fresh regardless. As an example, I was thinking something like this sequined jacket, which is expensive and impractical but screams HOLIDAY!

Fretting about what to wear is at least a distraction from the fact that I won't know anyone there and I haven't been to a social event in literal years and am not sure I know how to behave in public at this point.

laundry: When we moved to Nashville, we bought a used top-loader washer and dryer that were already very old, and we've proceeded to use the shit out of them for ~12 years and now they're done. The front legs have broken off of the washer and it has lost two of its three main cycles and is permanently off balance. The dryer has fared better, but still creaks and wheezes and makes loud metal-on-metal scraping sounds with each rotation of the drum. This past weekend, we bought ourselves a fancy (not really) new front-loader LG washer/dryer set and it will be delivered later today. I am actually a little giddy at the prospect of doing some laundry!

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